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merXu, an online B2B trading company operating in the European Union, partnered with Datumo to modernize their data platform. By implementing Google Cloud Platform services and tools, they achieved a reliable and user-friendly data ecosystem, improved monitoring capabilities, and received valuable shared knowledge. These enhancements improved automation, standardization, and monitoring, ensuring smooth operations and empowering the Client's teams for independent platform management.

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The Client, a leading European e-commerce giant in Europe, offers millions of products, collaborating with 130,000 merchants across 6 markets. Balancing year-round platform performance with peak traffic during events like Black Friday drove them to migrate their Big Data and AI platform to Google Cloud. Datumo streamlined this transition. Our expertise ensured swift Cloud adoption, saving resources on hardware, optimizing FinOps practices, enhancing platform performance, and ensuring data reliability and scalability. The e-commerce giant now seamlessly manages high-demand periods, fosters collaboration through knowledge transfer, and maximizes customer experience.


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