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Practice, broadening knowledge, practice ... Many years of building experience in the area of ​​Big Data and Cloud. And we are still excited about our work! We are mainly working on international projects.

As experts in building Big Data platforms, we support our Clients on a daily basis.


As an expert in Big Data

we support our Clients in the following areas:

Big Data Platform

Designing Big Data architecture

We offer comprehensive solutions:

  • Big Data Architecture Design
  • Real-time analytics
  • Development and implementation of Big Data projects
  • Carrying out the ETL process
  • Assesment and improvement of your platform
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Migrating data to the Cloud or on-premise

  • Data migration
  • Deploying Big Data Platforms
  • Migration of IT systems
ETL Process Design

Creating and optimizing ETL processes

  • We are data integrators
  • We create a "Data Lake" that collects all your data in one place, which allows you to take a holistic view of your business
  • We automate ETL processes using Spark, Kafka and Airflow

Automating business processes

  • Assesment of your Big Data platform: "Let's check how it works"
  • Big Data architecture design: "Let's get the numbers right"
  • We'll help you choose the right technologies for your data challenges: "Let's find the best tools for your numbers"
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Technologies we use

Datumo training image shows Datumo CEO on big stage on Devoxx event

Let’s teach You how to use it

The most useful knowledge through practical training:


Apache Spark + Scala

Apache Druid

Big Data - five-day general training


Make BIG data breakthrough!

Send us your inquiry via the contact form. We will contact you and together we will discuss the proposed actions for your data.

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Dziekońskiego 1 street,
00-728 Warsaw
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