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The Client, a global pharmaceutical company, outsources its digital and traditional marketing campaigns to various providers worldwide. Recognizing the power of data collaboration, the company has formed strategic partnerships with leading tech providers and research institutions to drive innovation in healthcare analytics. They've established a centralized data platform to store vast amounts of clinical trial data, real-world evidence, and market research, enabling rapid analysis and insight generation.

The Client, a multinational corporation in the surgical robotics industry, needs to address challenges related to multiple data systems. Datumo has developed an analytics platform to centralize medical records, enabling efficient decision-making for hospital staff. This improves patient care, reduces costs, and ensures compliance with industry regulations. The platform also provides complex analysis of robotic device usage, driving advancements in performance and optimizing surgical processes. It offers scalability and efficient data governance, allowing the Client to expand operations and maintain data integrity. Through knowledge transfer, Datumo enables the Client to independently manage the system and maximize efficiency.

The Client, a leading European e-commerce giant in Europe, offers millions of products, collaborating with 130,000 merchants across 6 markets. Balancing year-round platform performance with peak traffic during events like Black Friday drove them to migrate their Big Data and AI platform to Google Cloud. Datumo streamlined this transition. Our expertise ensured swift Cloud adoption, saving resources on hardware, optimizing FinOps practices, enhancing platform performance, and ensuring data reliability and scalability. The e-commerce giant now seamlessly manages high-demand periods, fosters collaboration through knowledge transfer, and maximizes customer experience.

merXu, an online B2B trading company operating in the European Union, partnered with Datumo to modernize their data platform. By implementing Google Cloud Platform services and tools, they achieved a reliable and user-friendly data ecosystem, improved monitoring capabilities, and received valuable shared knowledge. These enhancements improved automation, standardization, and monitoring, ensuring smooth operations and empowering the Client's teams for independent platform management.

The Client is a global pharmaceutical company with over 30 manufacturing facilities worldwide. They needed real-time access to data from all factories to monitor product quality and reduce costs. Partnering with Datumo, they developed a system of early detection of flawed medical batches. The system also optimizes costs by addressing quality issues during production, minimizing financial losses down the supply chain. With uninterrupted data access, the Client improves their machine learning algorithms and enhances quality control processes. Datumo provides knowledge sharing and support for system maintenance, keeping it up to date and aligned with industry standards.

A major South Asian streaming service with millions of users sought to scale up user capacity, enhance content recommendations, and reduce costs. Facing data consolidation issues, latency, and high expenses, the Client aimed to revamp their architecture for increased growth. Datumo's solution enabled the platform to handle 50,000 requests per second, refined content recommendations through ML, optimized with open-source solutions, and streamlined analytics using Turnilo BI tool, all enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

A multinational bank with expansive goals needed a data platform upgrade to manage surging global transactions and demanding report processes. The existing Big Data setup couldn't handle rapidly increasing data loads efficiently. Datumo stepped in to create a centralized, scalable system that ensured smooth data flow and better security. Datumo's solutions unified data sources, optimized the platform through migration to the Cloudera Data Platform, and enhanced reporting speed and reliability. This collaboration fortified data integrity, security standards, and future scalability for the bank's ambitions.

The Client is a globally recognized commercial real estate service company that aims to optimize the rental potential of their properties. They offer comprehensive support in property acquisition, construction, and investment across a wide range of real estate categories, encompassing residential, commercial, hotel, and industrial properties. Additionally, they specialize in managing approximately 400 million square meters of space within their facilities. Their services cater to a diverse range of customers.

Our Client, a company with a €900 million asset portfolio, partnered with Datumo to address challenges in their existing system. They encountered difficulties in generating reports, both for regulatory compliance and analytical purposes. Additionally, the Client faced issues in managing extensive computations required to adapt to evolving requirements. By collaborating with Datumo, they achieved faster report generation, cost savings in cloud services, simplified platform management, and improved stability. These enhancements resulted in reduced computation time, reduced expenses, smoother platform updates, and a significant decrease in platform errors. As a result, the Client experienced a more efficient decision-making process and optimization of their asset portfolio.


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